Paying In Kind

My Internet was broken for two days. It was maddening, as the company kept lying about the time frame in which it would be fixed. Finally, I remembered that one of my fuckbuddies works there. I called him and a few hours later I got the technician on my door, who fixed the problem. I went out for dinner and a walk with the European tourist, he was not in the mood to fuck, and I got a text message from my fuckbuddy that helped me, asking for dick, and my friend F, the young Arab-looking with the humongous dick, called, wanting to know if I had a bottom around. So, I called them both and told them to come, while the tourist was resting in his room.

We tag teamed the Internet guy for a while, double fucked him just a little bit. I bred him once and F bred him twice, he kept moaning and asking for cum. He was shaved smooth, tall, clean shaved, dark brown. Tasty, musky hole, but clean, F and I┬ákept┬ásucking each other’s dicks when they came out of the ass. All in all, a nice fuck session, F felched him out. Internet man left, F stayed, I just turned off the lights of my apartment and told him to stay if he wanted. He did, and we slept hugged, two (mostly) tops, friends, just lying there, holding each other. He left this morning after coffee.